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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 6, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on thursday. can you see the glistening? that means... >> it is raining! i drove over that glistening a little while ago. so did mike. what was it like, sir? >> like ice skating. hopefully you will slow down, too. it is slick. it got better traction on the asphalt than on the concrete. live doppler 7 hd shows yellow and oranges and i am not getting reports on the ground that we
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have heavy rain which is what red would indicate almost stormy-type weather. watch that and i will, too, and if you are driving through that, let me know, tweet me and let me know. the reporting stations are saying light rain to rain. all moving to the east and southeast with rain the entire morning commute. we are probably going to have flight arrival delays into sfo and it is wet. we will change the steady rain to scattered showers as we head into the afternoon with temperatures in the 50's again. leyla gulen? we have been seeing solo vehicle spinouts cross the bay area because of the wet weather and as we take you to the east bay travel along eastbound 580, we have this accident involving a couple of vehicle spin intermediates with delays behind it westbound direction with an early sig-alert and crash, so two separate incidents which have cleared leaving heavy
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backups away from the altamont pass, and in san jose, caltrain is shutting down the off-ramp to northbound 101 and that is because of road flooding so we have road flooding and ponding and we want you to stay in the piddle lanes and avoid the solo vehicle spinouts and the hydro planing. the rain is causing an issue if drivers on the roads. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard ran into trouble spots and is at the again again. cornell? >> rain is making for challenging driving. behind me there is a shot of a wet bridge but you fatter in the look slides it is more dangerous. that is what drives are dealing with in the not bay. this is 101 near spencer avenue in sauce let with rocks falling loosened by the overnight rain falling on to the road where
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more than a few drivers were slamming interest them and popping tires and breaking rims in two. jeff was headed to the golden gate bridge when he hit the rocks. >> i was headed to work and came around the corner and i hit a bolder and it blew my tire and rim. >> scary, right? >> unsettling. c.h.p. was diverting traffic around all of that rock on the roadway and israel will come in later this morning and try to sweep the rest of it up. this is how big the rocks are, falling on to the roadway overnight: very large. i was on the way to work and. haved into the rocks and i thought i popped a tire and pulled over. no damage to my car but other people can fought say the same thing.
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in san francisco, a clogged storm drain caused ankle deep flooding between highway 101 and and interstate 80. they closed the highway to clear the drain. all the lanes now are open. drivers in the east bay had a problem when a driver went off the road and crashed into a grove of trees after 1:30 this morning. the driver stayed in the car waiting for rescuers and toll the highway patrol he was scared he was going to fall into the reservoir. the c.h.p. says he wasn't in danger at all but is fine this morning. the storms will bring the bay area the most rain we have seen in a year. you get to go back to december of 2012 for any significant rain. in the throw-day period between december 23 and december 25 the bay area get over 2" of rain.
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>> you can track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7 hd on our weather app which makes it easy to share photos how you are welcoming the rain, download information at moving on now developing news an east bay church pastor is if jail this morning accused hiding two juvenile run aways at his home and having sex with one of them. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the details. >> the pastor is charged with unlawful sexual intercourse, and animal cruelty. this is him, 33-year-old who goes by john or pastor john. he was are ad last week and charged yesterday. he worked at the presbyterian church in san ramon and was keeping two teen run aways with him at the church and at his home in san ramon. these are pictures from facebook. at his house there was evidence
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he was having a sexual relationship with one of the girls who is 17. the pastor met at last one of girls at the salvation army korean corps in san francisco. he claims to be affiliated with the living well ministry an alleged nonprofit he created to help orphans, homeless and widowed. as for animal cruelty they found evidence of severe animal cruelty at his house with a small dog had to be put down because of that. >> anyone who has information on this man or information about other possible victims, call the san ramon police department this morning. a former san francisco teach certificate in custody accused of trying to have sex with a 17-year-old boy. police say harlan edelman want to the park looking to meet the boy he was commute indicating with but the "boy" was a police detective. investigators say they had
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exchanged pornographic videos and pictures. detectives are looking if other possible victims. he was a teach at the academy of arts and sciences in san francisco but resigned in 2013 and worked at two local high schools the a background check was done prior to being hired. >> san francisco conservation commission will get the proposal of the plans for an arena on waterfront. a coalition of groups turned in 21,000 signatures to qualify a measure if the june ballot that would require any proposeed height limits to be aproved by the city voters. the arena to bibility on the piers would be 12.5 stories tall eight higher than allowed. last weekend will warriors said it would not open in 2017 as they hoped. >> a ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the come employees of
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construction work on st. francis drake boulevard which has been going on for a year and a half with construction crews repairing pavement defend the bridge and the state park, cleared the storm drains and fixed the retaining wall. the project was divided into three phases to deal with environmental concerns along the road which carries tours from marin county to the coast. mike is tracking the rain. how do you characterize this? showers? rain? >> steady rain. light-to-moderate rain. with the radar, it is hot down south and it could be shooting into the clouds and seeing small, maybe pea-sized hail and that is why the radar runs are not in sync with the rain that is falling. if i zoom this out you can see the national weather service radar and the radar returns are in the circular nature. that means it is hitting the same elevation through the
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clouds and bouncing off the hail. right now, the reports from the field in mountain view in san jose are saying "rain." not saying "heavy rain," or "hail," but there is the possibility that one or two hail stones could ship through the air before melting and reach the group. we will keep an eye on that. notice it will rain through the morning commute. we are very mild in the mid-to-upper 40's and taper to scatter showers through the lunch hour and low-to-mid 50's and mostly dry and maybe a random shower and low-to-mid 50's at 4:00 and a brief break at 7:00 before more rain develops overnight. more of that in the seven-day forecast. we have been continuing to track solo vehicle spinouts with serious citizens starting off with the sig-alert if live more that clear asked there was an accident that took its place in the same location and we have
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eastbound direction but we are taking you to san jose where we have reports of flooding. northbound 280 at saratoga avenue we have this accident that is blocking a lane and behind it is the road flooding where caltrain has come in and should down the off-ramp from northbound 280 to clear the water. we are seeing uponning on the roads so be careful there. eastbound 580, we have a crash and it looks to be clearing with some delays but the westbound commute is loading up because of the two early accidents. thing you, leyla gulen at 5:10. budweiser will not be in sochi. >> apple reworks its plans if a new store in san francisco union square. many of us want to hold on to our cars for as long as possible and the best vehicles to own for the long haul in a new survey.
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help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. ♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪words, can't bring me down♪ welcome back, apple's plan to build the flag ship store in the heart ofdown scare goes before the san francisco planning commission today. apple bought the building to bill the -- build the store to get away with the fountain by the late san francisco artist but a public outcry since apple back to the drawing board keeping the fund table moving it
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a few feet to the north. >> you can soon make your own coca-cola at home. >> here is america's money report. >> good morning, subway dropping the plastic from the fresh baked bread. the chain responding to a petition signed by 50,000 people removing the chemical used from yes good mats and bread making. >> the buds wiser party is not occurring in sochi because of concerns. at&t is condemning the antigame law calling the law harmful to a diverse society. shares of twitter could be under pressure following the earnings report. analysts were disappointed more people did not sign up. twitter stock lost 17 percent after hours. >> coca-cola is giving soda a run for the money partnering with green mountain to release their own machine so you can make coca-cola at home. that is america's money. make it a great day.
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>> you can expect to pay more for electricity because of the drought. that is because 15 percent of the power supply for utility companies in california comes it hydroelectric from the rivers. will have less hydro which is among our cheapest resources, we will have to burn more gas and power plants and we will have to buy more power from out-of-state >> when the rate hike is expected utility officials do not expect the shortage of energy this summer. >> mike nicco has at look at the forecast. it is raping. how long will it be with us? >> through the commute and then we have the bigger storm tomorrow evening and through the weekend. if you have saturday plans
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outside, you may want to find a plan "b" or be prepared to get wet. you can see radar with yellows right there and alameda with the latest update has them around the expressway near 880 where the betterry car runs are out of the south bay. we have reports of moderate rain and we are still seeing some of better radar runs, not reflecting the amount of rain that is falling because red usually means rainfall rates of 3.5 to 4" an hour and we are getting less. the radar is seeing something and more likely it is small hail that is most likely medicalling before it reaches the ground. you could have big drops in the south bay. here is the rest of it: it is green. it is light and steady rain. as we birthday were the picture you can see the back end is getting close by 7:00 the north bay will clear and by 9:00 most
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of us are out of steady rain with scattered showers. to the left side of the screen, you can see the encroachment of clouds coming in from the left and that is our next storm. here is 101 at 880 in san jose you can see the rain and mist from the cars driving through the ponding on the highway. this is the backdrop to talk abut rain tapering to showers this afternoon and weather shows the storm track stays close with the north bay getting more rain and it will be iffy for the rest us. temperatures today or low-to-mid 50's along the coast and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest us and tonight is in the 40's and if you can see if there is rain it will be in the north by. 7:00 this morning you can see the north bay is getting a break and all of us have scattered showers by lunch and most of the showers notice evening will be up to the north and same overnight as we head to friday noon, they starting to work
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their way back across the neighbors and by the evening we will start to get wet and see the moderate rain coming in through saturday morning and then it will taper to sunday. rainfall amounts are impressive: 1 or 2" possibles in the south bay and 2 to 5" in the north bay. seven-day forecast show milder temperatures so more rain which is what will happen this weekend. you can see monday and tuesday and wednesday mostly dry. be careful. >> we have had one solo spinout after the other and it has been a mess out there. we have a possible overturned vehicle now at hercules, westbound highway four so we have lanes blocked there and you could see the delays as you make the drive in the westbound direction and eastbound traffic is running smoothly and as we head to the peninsula northbound aye at 101 we have another accident and it sounds like it is blocking a couple of lanes
5:21 am
with road flooding and other problems but we will look from our emeryville camera toward the bay bridge and on other side of treasure island we do have a report of a solo spinout on the upper deck and that is as you approach san francisco so we can see how traffic could be impacting our commute away from the maze. there we go, you can see traffic is running smoothly approaching treasure island but it is up ahead blocking lanes which can cause backups to the maze. eric and kristen? >> if you are looking for someone to cuddle up to for valentine's day how does actor ryan goss link sound? >> a life-sized pillow with a photo could do in a pinch for some the creation of a designer in australia who calls it the perfect cuddle bunny selling for $75 online. he recently split up with his girlfriend of these years.
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weather is the first, light-to-moderate rain falling you can see on live doppler 7 hd and this is going to be with us through the morning rush hour. scattered showers are possible the rest of the day and i will have an upstate on the heavy rain coming this weekend. >> two, it has causes problem on the roads with several severe accidents, one new one on 80 through berkeley involving an overturned vehicle with injuries. more details ahead. >> three, a strange of -- string of accident keeping the emergency crews busy with speed and wet weather a factor at this spendout 101 northbound. allow plenty of center time. four, police are investigating a deadly stabbing in the south bay at san jose park. a man was found with a stab wound after midnight and he died at the hospital. >> a task force looking to prevent racial problems in san jose state begins public
5:26 am
hearings tonight that come on the heels of a fact-finding report released monday of the alleged bullying of a black freshman by his wife roommates. >> the department of homeland security says that they have a specific and credible information that terrorists do try to use toothpaste tubes filled with explosives to create a bomb at the olympics in sochi. the open ceremony for the winter games is set for tomorrow. >> the f.a.a. is calling for a nation-wide inspection of hundreds of airport patrol towers and the associated press reports the inspection come after a lightning strike injured an air traffic controller in baltimore. the f.a.a. says they want to evaluate current protection systems at airport towers. >> a survey named the vehicles that are best in temperatures of costing the least to own the first five years of ownership. according to the kelly blue book mazda and lexus are the winners for the second year in a row looking beyond the stick are rice and estimate depreciation,
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maintenance, and repair and fuel costs. a statue of a man sleep walking is causing a stir on college campus. he is wearing nothing but his underwear open display in massachusetts. some think this is a real man and they is called police. a student has start add petition to remove the statue saying it could trigger thoughts regarding sexual abuse. the president says it may make people feel uncomfortable but that is part of the intellectual process. morning news continues with the top stories including the nasty big rig wreck snarling traffic in the east bay and why the driver was taken into police custody. >> the landmark san francisco restaurant becoming the seen of another overnight wreck. almond.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:30 on thursday. mike said we would have a wet morning commute. thanks for joining us. >> here is mike with the forecast. we start with live doppler 7 hd. we have bright banding, and i talked to the weather service and their radar is hitting at 5,200' where you see the red and that is where the freezing is so that is probable small hail. this is melting before it reaches the ground so you will get bigger drops and maybe an uptick in the intensity of the rain that is falling freeway you see the yellow and red. that is a we dealing with, this morning. you can seat lighter rain to the north and all this is going to hang around for the better part of the morning commute.
5:31 am
expect ponding on the roads. can you see the wet weather on 6 80 and everyone is getting touched by rain through the morning commute. it could get moderate at times. i am not sure it will be heavy unless you are at the higher elevations. scattered showers this afternoon. >> speak of bonding and 680, that is what we have: flooding has been reported northbound 680 with 6" of waters so that will cause dangerous driving there and slick and slippery conditions as we take you to berkeley and this brand new crash is involving an overturned vehicle and c.h.p. crews have called for extract so someone is blocked. we look outside at the drive southbound 101 making it to the golden gate bridge and when you get there it is wet is as we continue interest san francisco you can see traffic is running
5:32 am
smoothly so reduce your speeds. >> we continue our coverage of the storm with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield if castro valley. she has been watching the drive. amy, what is going on? >> the rain is. coming down. it is welcome. we have to be came the streets very slick. we could feel it. we have video to show you of the rain coming down steady all night long and it is very wet. the c.h.p. says they have been very busy overnight dealing with spin intermediates and other accidents. officers cannot stress enough the response of slowing down this morning and keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. the secrets are slick. this is just the beginning. we are hearing what will be a wet weekend as well, so, keep the umbrellas and rain jackets handy and winter has finally arrived in the bay area.
5:33 am
san francisco police are investigating a crash with a car that ended up right if front of the cliff house early this morning. it happened before 4:00 a.m. and the car hit a parked pickup before hitting a pole and a concrete planter box. one person was taken to the hospital with injuries and the condition is not known. police are investigating whether the driver was drinking or if the slick roads causedded crash. >> speed and wet weather are factors in causing this spinout in san francisco at 2:00 this morning on southbound 101. a porsche traveling with the top down was involved in a solo crash. the driver account passenger suffered minor injuries. a nasty wreck snarled traffic on southbound 880 overnight. this truck missed the curb on the connection between 880 and highway 92 and went off the roads. the ranch was closed for a couple of hours for crews to pull the truck out of a ditch.
5:34 am
the semi driver was not seriously hurt but was arrested for driving under the influence. the connection ramp has reopened. >> tow trucks are samed to respond quickly if there is an accident. the president of the tow companying company receive two or three more times the call when it rains. >> we cannot get anywhere, either, especially with an accident so we call c.h.p. and they will escort us to the seen of the accident. >> heavy rain is expected over the weekend. drives are ready. >> there could be more snow in the sierra ski resorts. skiers have been enjoying night runs off interstate 80 and lake tahoe is hoping for full mountain operations so all the
5:35 am
lifts going by the time of the president's holiday rolls around when some schools have a week off. you can track this on our weather app where you can also share photos of how you are dealing with the rain. download information at other news now, developing in the south bay overnight, a man was found stabbed to death near downtown san jose's caesar chavez park after midnight outside of the fairmont hotel. officers were called to the south market street and a man was found suffering from a stab wound. he died at the hospital. his identity is fought released. this was the fifth homicide in san jose. >> hayward police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that seriously injure add woman crossing the street after 6:00 last night. a vehicle traveling really fast knocked the victim 100'.
5:36 am
police only describe her as a woman appearing to be in her 30's. they are looking if witnesses or surveillance video. they do not have a description of the vehicle. >> a pastor faces sex charges involving a 17-year-old run away. the investigators say the pastor would goes by the name of "john" hid two underaim girls at his home in san ramon the he is charged with having unlawful sexual relationship with one of the teens. miss say he met one of the girls at the salvation army korean cops -- corps in san francisco. katie marzullo will have more including other charms at the top of hour. >> the san jose man suspected of setting a dozen arson fires will be in court for a plea. the 48-year-old patrick brennan was charged with setting 13 fires in san jose between
5:37 am
january 8 and john john -- john 13th. he is scheduled to appear in superior court at 1:30 p.m. >> a task force looking into racial problems at san jose state university me begins hearings tenths on the heals of a fact-finding report about the alleged bullying last fall of a black freshman by his white roommates. the university was slow in keeping the school president informed. he -- they say it failed to follow their policy. they will try to prevent an incident from happening again and the task force will release the recommendations in bring. >> after months of controversy, vallejo high school has a new mascot. it will be the vallejo redhawks. in november they voted unanimously to drop apache mascot because it is offensive to native americans. this follows months of meetings
5:38 am
involving staff, students and native american representatives. the school will keep the red and white colors. >> now the forecast with the intensive rain and where it is. >> we seeing light-to-moderate rain and maybe heavier or more widespread moderate rain with hail in the band of precipitation so for, san jose is quart other of an inch and san francisco is half an inch and santa rosa is around three quarters of an inch so we are chess to the forecast from yesterday or the totals. here is what will happen. you can see nice, light rain do moderate rain falling here in san francisco as we look down at the embarcardero. there is ponding on the roads live a river in the groove that the cars and trucks create. we will have steady rain through the morning commute with in we to get an it.
5:39 am
temperatures are mild. the next 12 hours well see changes at none and steady rain with a accountered shower possible and by 4:00, a random shower will be try with low-to-mid 50's in the evening you will be okay with temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's starting tomorrow, though, more rain on the way. >> we have a major problem right now if richmond with a report of a concrete truck traveling eastbound 80 and is now blocking the eastbound and westbound lanes with concrete spills across the freeway. that is going to cause tremendous delays if you are headed in either direction as you make it into richmond. avoid this if you can at all costs and use the alternate because it will build quickly. and eastbound 80 involving an
5:40 am
overturned vehicle is blocking one lane with crews on scene and slowing building away from the hoffman split. this is the drive in san jose 101 away from 880 you can see the water is splashing and reduceed speed. >> a new terror warning on the eve of the winter olympics with an every day product that police will be looking out for in sochi. >> and a stunning revelation over an ingredient change at subway.
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covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, it is 5:43. we have a major accident in richmond. this is eastbound and westbound 80 a concrete truck in the center divider with lanes block,000 in both direction with concrete spills everywhere. we have speeds that now are in the single digits.
5:44 am
you can see people are report one miles per hour out there so avoid it at all costs. thank you, the presidio trust in san francisco is offering star wars director george lucas a new site for the proposed museum, next to his art exterior after regentlemanning a plan to build the plan across from crissy field rejecting all three new proposals for the site which is used by a sports basement store. he said he could consider officers from over cities. san francisco reports this a spokesman said lucas will look at the new presidio location but called it a "hail mary." >> olympics are underway if sochi and a terror warning for airlines flying into sochi with the homeland security saying they had credible information terrorists could use toothpaste
5:45 am
tubes filled with explosives to credit an explosion after the arrest of two women in france this week after officials stopped the possible bombment. folks tell abc7 news that the women had direct ties to toothpaste tube intelligence that triggered the warning. >> on east coast hundreds of thousands could be in the dark and in the cold. crews are working to restore power following the second snow and ice storm this week. the latest winter storm dumped a foot of snow in some states knocking out electricity to a million residents. ice weighted down the fire lines causing them to snap in maryland and the vast majority of out airs in pennsylvania compared to damage from hung. hundreds of flights canceled in the united states according to flight aware.com331 flights have been canceled. airports with the most are new action, la guardia, and chicago o'hare with 300 other flights
5:46 am
have also been delayed. the opening round of the at&t at&t pro a.m. starts this. morning. they held practice rounds unfair skies and peyton manning played with patriots coach belichick. weekend will not look like that. >> if it is raining the way you are forecasting, mike? >> it will not rain all the time there on the southern edge, but saturday is not, and tomorrow they could get it in and this is light rain starting to show up there and sunday could be iffy but saturday is the day that will the hardest day to get an empty here is a look at monterey you can see there is light rain showing up on radar right over that and down toward pebble beach and i will show you what we have to tell with back here and you can see light steady
5:47 am
rain and moderate rain around the south bay. we will tack about this again, bright banding is what it is called. the radar is at 3,500 the storms in that area. the small hail is not making it to the ground. it is melting. it is creating bigger drops. maybe an uptick in the intensity of rain so rather than light rain you could get moderate rain. 280 and 17, this is what it looks like as we look at what is going on. this is what it looks like if real time, can you see the spray coming off the ground from the cars but if this was super heavy rain we with not be able to see very much so you can see it is light-to-moderate rain as the hail is melting before it
5:48 am
reaches the ground. rain will be steady through the morning commute and tapering to showers and that will actually taper the chances of showers. it will be the second pudge of the storm will be stronger and alternate plans are needed for saturday and the storm track will be close to us next week. this will be rain in the north bay. the rest of us, we have to much with it. at 7:00, can you start to see a little bit of a back edge developing to the rain field and notice by 1:00 o'clock there will be scattered showers and less at 5:00 and overnight anything that falls is in the north bay because of the winds. by noon tomorrow we have that as the best place but it moves down in the afternoon and in the evening all of us will be wet. notice the uptick in the intensity, moderate and heavy rain at times saturday morning through the afternoon hours and you can see another wave pulling in, in the evening, so ill two
5:49 am
be wave after wave after wave after wave. look at rainfall totals 1 to 2" to the south and 2 to 5" in the north by. temperatures are mild with the next system in the 60 and next week you can see we are keeping the rain out of forecast except up north and most of us are dry. >> the commute in richmond is toast. it is now a sig-alert eastbound and westbound has three lanes blocked in both directions because of a concrete truck that has spilled concrete across the lanes. we have single digit speeds westbound direction into san pablo and the eastbound direction, completely sold out. take san pablo avenue as the alternate route and we have problems in san jose are we have heavier rain falling northbound 280 at 87 the crash is blocking one lane and 101 is loaded up
5:50 am
there as we make the commute between 280 and 80 and 880. looking to berkeley you can see traffic is not too bad in the westbound direction. those are the headlights and tail lights moving eastbound, and another at gilman blocking one lane. >> amy hollyfield and crew are headed to the accident to bring us the latest in a report. >> the subway sandwich chain says it will remove a plastic chemical from the bread following an online breast. the chemical is used in yoga mats and is banned in australia and europe but the f.d.a. considers it "safe." it is often used in bread and buns because it makes the bread softer. subway says this had nothing to do with the breast and they were already in the process of phasing owe -- out the chemical. >> back to the future, a change
5:51 am
that could be coming to a heavily traveled streets. >> at 6:00, new tension at the united states and russia. >> mike is following weather and leyla gulen is following the ♪ [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
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5:54 am
eastbound and westbound 80 blocking three lanes in both directions. the concrete truck hit the center divider and spilled the concrete all over. the sig-alert is in effect until further notice. veto major delays both directions. in the westbound direction at gilman secret, as we head into berkeley we have another crash and that has lanes blocked because of the multiple vehicle crash nature in the eastbound direction with another accident involving an overturned vehicle. we have only been seeing the major accidents this morning including solo vehicle spinouts and all kips of crazy things going on and we will track them and help you get around the crashes and the delays. how is the rain affecting the rest of the week? mike? >> looking have wet. the back edge is developing on the steady rain and that is going to push through with the
5:55 am
timing right after the morning commute winds down. you will need change in the sierra and it will snow tomorrow, saturdays sunday, and maybe monday so getting up there will be treacherous at times and you will need the chains. when our rain ends it is still snowing in the sierra. low-to-mid 50's in the central valley with rain tapering to showers and steady rain in the afternoon. we will be in son california low-to-mid 60's from los angeles to san diego and palm springs is 68. the next storm system is starting to move into northern california at 52 in eureka. eric and kristen? >> san francisco city officials are giving serious consideration to filling in the geary boulevard underpass running past fillmore. the $50 million plan will bring the two back to street level like it was before 1961.
5:56 am
it would reject japantown and make it more pedestrian friendly part of a major plan to put in muni only transit lanes on geary between downtown and the richmond district. >> if you are one of millions who tweeted in the last couple of days hoping to win $1.5 million from esurance, sorry, you didn't win. someone in none california democrat. >> the winner was announced on jimmy kimmel joined by the office star would started in the post super bowl ad and they delivered the piles of cash to the resident. >> john has something to tell us. >> it is nut a big deal but you just when $1.1.5 -- >> this is in word on exactly where "john" and his wife live, it is being kept quiet because
5:57 am
of security concerns. the contest kickoff after have been when they called on users to tweet out an esurance hashtag tonight, matt damon returns for the first appearance since he high jabbed the show last year. >> c.e.o. of sochi game response to the terrorist attacks and what he is telling the athlete as day before the opening ceremony. >> there is a rock slide danger facing drives near the golden gate bridge overnight. we have the conditions on the high right now. >> "7 on your side" michael finney puts e-cigarettes to,000 test with safety concerns, questions and down surrounding the new high-tech we
5:58 am
they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪
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they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. tracking the storm, and widespread rain hitting across
6:00 am
the bay area right now with the first of a one-two punch of rain coming our way. mike nicco has the latest on what is happening in your neighbor. >> plus, the rain leads to a dangerous situation for a driver in the east bay. a rescue operation brought out first responders. in the east bay, a pastor charged with molesting a run away. police say the crime did not end there. good morning, with the rain this morning, all of the predictions of how tough the commute is going to be has come to fruition. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. well start with weather from mike. we are looking at visibility to have an idea where the light-to-moderate rain is falling. probably some heavy rain falling in san carlos and heavy rain around san jose. the rain is reaching ground and not so heavy as the radar returns because there is


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